Haecksler wood chippers

Haecksler supplies the best in compact, professional wood chippers. Our latest model 4 is the fastest professional compact chipper on the market. We distribute Haecksler products throughout Europe and the rest of the world towards professional tree workers and landscaping companies. Now you can always have your Haecksler with you in a van or on the trailer, ready for immediate use. Bring your Haecksler chipper over the garden path or through the door up to the tree or hedge and save more time and energy than you can imagine …

The Haecksler team has years of experience in machines for garden, tree care and landscape maintenance, but also has a lot of practical experience in arborism.

In the first years of our work as arborists, we would drag and stack branches on the trailer in the street and it was hard physical work. Then we tried a bigger towed shredder for a year, but we still didn’t like bringing all the branches to the road. And parking our van and a big towed chipper in urban areas became increasingly difficult. All this changed immediately with the help of this small Haecksler shredder. With this new system of chipping branches and garden waste at the work site in the back garden, we weren’t forced to walk back and forth so many times. The old work method of stacking branches on to the trailer filled it up pretty fast and meant going to the dump almost every day.
With a Haecksler shredder in the company, this was reduced to less than once a week: More time saved !

We used this machine for years in our tree care company and right from the start we loved using it, and this is the reason we started sales as soon as we were given the chance. Our garden machinery have gathered a loyal fan base among arborists and landscaping companies worldwide because of their enormous working speed and reliability.

Enough talk….. bring me to the website and let’s shred!